Hello world…

…is the accurate phrase around these parts, I believe. Or perhaps I should say welcome, but on the other hand we all just got here. Before we get into the gear-goodness I want to tell you why I started this blog. I’m a musician in the folk/world genres and play all sorts of plucked acoustic instrument. My main instrument is a lute called mandora and a flatback nordic mandola. I also play other weird instruments that no-one has ever heard of such as a mora-oud and willow flute, as well as acoustic steel stringed and classical guitars.

The thing is, I have a background as a metal guitarist and have always liked the idea of pedals and effects even though I didn’t use any at all for many years when I got into acoustic music. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of different pedals, and every time I’m researching one I notice that NO ONE ON THE INTERNET REVIEWS THESE PEDALS WITH ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS! There are like a hundred youtube-demos with generic metal guitarists pairing that sweet reverb-pedal that I want with a MT-2, but not a single one using it with a steel-stringed acoustic.

So how about we change that. Here, I will make reviews and demos of guitar pedals, effect boxes and accessories using only different acoustic instruments. It will usually be gear that probably was designed with electronic instruments in mind, but I will also occasionally review stuff that is made for acoustic instruments as well as showing of my instruments.

Stay tuned for acoustic demos of: Electro Harmonix Superego and EHX Nano Small Stone, TC Electronic Ditto X2, TC Electronic Flashback Delay and TC Electronic Hall of Fame mini, Boss OC-3, Able Bassmaker,  Radial Engineering Tonebone PX-Pre, Mooer Solo and Mooer Baby Tuner, Line 6 Amplify TT. For starters.

This will be fun!


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